Von Neuman Moderator Animatronic Robot (pt2)

Drab future

Continued from; Von Neuman Moderator Animatronic Robot (pt1)
Progress on the Von Neuman Moderators has been progressing very well. I brought all the parts to my 2nd secret lab workshop in Oakland, where we can spread it out for the construction.

Kyle has been a great help with the build. Progress is slow but we have a constant dialog/sounding board going. I’m still planning on using the Wowee Elvis as unmodified as possible, however the neck is going to require a bit of reworking. We are currently using what we call the “konami code” whenever we start him up. Basically the Elvis brain requires us to trip the neck’s limit switches in it’s ‘boot up’ sequence, otherwise it shuts itself down.

I started adding a bit of paint and closing up the body panels, cosmetic changes but it adds to the character and helps it fit in with Drab Future…

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